Affordable Treatment — $9,500 for 90 days

Take advantage of our affordable treatment offer today: $9,500 for 90 days.  There is no catch- it is time to be done with this nightmare.

We are pleased to be able to offer those in need today an offer of extraordinary value.– If you can come up with a $9,500 payment, we will find you the resources to attend our program guaranteed for 90 days.  No more cost to you or your family.  No matter what your insurance when arrive.

Cold Canyon Malibu is a state of the art, clinically advanced program that nearby Malibu treatment centers are charging as much as $50,000 per month for.  We want to make a difference, and we want to make treatment affordable enough so you can stay the amount of time you need to heal.



“Comparing the value of this affordable treatment program against others in Southern California is a joke.   This is where the healing is and this is where the value is, end of story.  You just got a break if they have an open bed.”

“I have spent over $400,000 on treatment for my son in the last five years.   I found Cold Canyon and paid $9,500 and my son has been sober for a year and a half– for the first time in ten years.  I felt both grateful for the nightmare to be over and slightly foolish over my previous choices.”

The price of treatment, all inclusive and without insurance, is $19,500.00 per month should you choose not to use insurance or let us help you enroll in it.

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How can you do it for $9,500?

Is affordable treatment possible?  The most common question we get when you call is “Is this not too good to be true?

“How can you do it for $9,500?”

Our first answer is that we cannot- the $9,500 is a set co-pay amount which we have decided is the “just right” payment that allows us to both bill your insurance company or help you find the insurance and government resources you need to get this done now.


It is a set and fair amount that everyone pays– many treatment centers do not list their prices or set them very high to allow those with many resources to over pay– as anyone who had the money would to get their loved one help.   Then, if you cannot pay the full price, the car salesmen negotiate to whatever level they can get.    That is a little sick.  Imagine if you did that at the ER.

Beyond that $9,500 we will bill as much of your health care insurance as can be done legitimately and fairly.  And we will help acquire insurance in the new health care environment where you can more easily attain the coverage you need.

You are not liable for any further payment beyond the $9,500 no matter what happens with your health insurance company.  We believe that we have to take these risks, losses and financing as a community, and as a community we can offer you that assurance.   If there is a legitimate payment owed by the insurance carriers, we will most likely get it from them- they are much fairer than we often think and also want a successful solution and have learned its better to pay for one.

Our second answer is the we are a benefit corporation formed to serve the stakeholder of the community, not just the capital owners.  We serve the families, the patients, the treatment professionals and the larger health care system, and in doing this we can take a longer term approach with a level head as to what is important and what is not.  Much of what is not important we have discarded.


Our third answer is that we are not stuck in the old models of treatment.  We have become a multi modal organization — expanding beyond a single definition– we not just Interventionists, or Doctors, or Outpatient or Rehab– we have learned to mold these all together to serve you the patient.  This flexibility allows us to save extraordinary expense in unexpected ways.

Community Recovery’s project at Cold Canyon has a mission to bring everyone into treatment who truly wants it and to work with them on the best way to get it paid for.

We also understand the importance of how things get started.  We are not here to take advantage of the perception of a life and death crisis.  The reality is by now it has been a life and death crisis for quite some time.


Don’t let admissions counselors in for profit businesses scare you with the prospect of death if you don’t do what they say today.   Your loved one or yourself are at a higher risk of being manipulated into an expensive, short, for profit program than you are just taking a minute to figure out the best ay to go about this.  Most likely your family  has been in some kind of a denial for years and now today the crisis makes you want to solve it this minute.  Take a breath.  Call us.  We can figure this out in a way that works for your family and your loved one.


If you want what we have to offer, we will help you find a way to get here.

It is true that a life in addiction is dangerous.  In fact, life is dangerous in general, especially for those moving from childhood to adulthood.   Most likely you will survive another day and are much more likely to do this right if you start it right.  You will do better by considering all the consequences.  Beware admission  “counselors” (usually not at all clinically trained) who want to rush your judgement.

There is no catch here—it is our stated purpose to deliver treatment as inexpensively as possible without lowering the quality of the program.  We are a benefit corporation, which like a non profit has as our goals not just making money but also the delivery of service to the community.

If you do not have any insurance at all,  our Walking Miracles Foundation Insurance Enrollment initiative will help you find insurance that will work for treatment. There are several options for this we can discuss when you call.

If you have an HMO, a “fake” PPO or Medicare or Medicaid- we cannot work with these plans for the most part at this time- but you can still come in for the same payment as everyone else.    With an affordable, upfront payment, all can be accepted.


Our legal entity, our accreditation and the usual disclaimers

Community Recovery is a Benefit Corporation formed under California law to help those in the crisis of addiction and its co-occuring disorders, and their families.  We believe in the power of community and offer community housing to support those in the process of getting better.   The community residences operate under the designation of transitional living and are subject to the  laws and zoning rules all residences must follow with regard to size,  population etc.  We currently have a residence for men in Calabasas and for women in Woodland Hills CA.

We incorporate those  in community residence into a  program of treatment that spans several modalities  through The Los Angeles Family Institute.  This program is based from an outpatient office separate from the residences and it is here that drug and alcohol treatment, case management and much licensed and medical care can be given.  Our program is accredited by the Joint Commission, considered by most the highest level of accreditation possible for programs such as ours.

Oddly, under California law licensed medical care cannot be given by residential treatment centers.  Considering the risk of such, we have worked to find a safe, responsible and legal structure that allows for great medically supervised treatment that does not violate the law and we provide that care through the Institute offices.

We encourage anyone with questions or complaints regarding the program to first contact our Chief Executive Officer at 818.635.9380, and then also to contact the Joint Commission if not fully satisfied with any response

A community based board gives insight and advice to the staff on issues of community relations, operation, legalities, financial responsibility and stakeholder relations.  If you are a stakeholder and would like to participate in the board please email us at  Feel free to also email any suggestions or comments there also.

All treatment that requires licensed care is provided for by  licensed practitioners.  You may write us for a list of our licensed practitioners and subcontractors.   Beyond that legal necessity we also have more than 50% of our staff with Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor certificates or in the process of getting them,  surpassing the state requirements in the area significantly.

We also participate in many fellowship and community building activities that do not fall under any California licensing requirements.  These are disclosed as part of our program to the Joint Commission also.

We believe accountability and transparency to be  important principles of good business, of being being a good neighbor and in the work of recovery.  Feel free to call or contact us anytime.  We can be reached at 888.870.2201



Who we are


For more information regarding our legal and accreditation status click here


Cold Canyon Malibu, the Melrose Project, and the Los Angeles Family Institute operate with an integrated treatment team of extraordinary talent and experience.

As an intelligent treatment team we are a complex adaptive system that works to become something greater and more effective than we could ever be alone.  The development of the treatment team is and will continue to be one of the most powerful tools and innovations of the systemic approach to treatment.


Kirsten Wallace is the Chief Operating Officer and has been working in therapeutic communities for more than 20 years. Ms Wallace is the former Administrative Director at the Seasons Recovery Center in Malibu.  Kirsten brings a steely Australian will to the project and makes the trains and schedules run on time.  She lives in Agoura Hills California with her daughter.



Dr Vinod Sodha MD is the Medical Director.  Dr Sodha has 30+ years experience in psychiatry and addiction and brings a thorough professionalism to his care and supervision of all things medical.  His professional  training has been sharpened by many years of working in a residential treatment environment –this is one MD who will not be “played.”



Ninon Aprea is the Communications Director and has a wide portfolio around all things message and outreach.  Ninon is an actor and former board member of the Screen Actors Guild and a foundational member of the recovery community in Los Angeles.  Ninon brings a brilliant mind and a persuasive force of personality to her incredible passion for recovery.



Glenn Baker MFT is our  Primary Therapist.  Glenn has a powerful vocation for the deep work and has tapped his own sensitivity into working with clients  in a way best described as brilliant .  Glenn also brings  a strong grounding in mindfulness and meditation to the community.



“Dr J”–Jonathan Vakneen PHd is our Program Director and teaches exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and coaching.   Jonathan is a powerhouse of motivation, knowledge and experience in the work and he raises the level of enthusiasm in a facility whenever he arrives,



Raffi Oknain CADAAC  is our operations director and supervising case manager.  Raffi brings a big heart tempered with many years experience working in residential treatment.   Raffi teaches about relapse prevention and manages each clients progression through the phases of treatment.


Shawn Mikuska is our Recovery Community Coordinator and is responsible for supporting each clients journey through finding a sponsor, going to meetings, getting a commitment and working and completing the 12 steps.  Shawn brings 17 years of recovery, a very loud motorcycle, his usual no bullshit attitude  and his adorable dog to work each afternoon.


Josh Geiger is a case manager and  admissions/intervention specialist who also is an program innovator and has created a unique and well regarded men’s program in Venice.  Josh’s jovial manner is often juxtaposed  with a  ruthlessness regarding sobriety that has woken up many a newly sober client.

Michael Sonnenberg came thru the program and stayed for the job as Client Support and Advocate. “Mike is not from around here” said one client “he is nicer than that.”  Mike hails from Milwaukee though appears to have adjusted well with his apartment in K-town and his BMX bike for commuting from there to Melrose for work and Santa Monica for school.


Chef Ernie is our executive chef and food services manager.   Ernie brings an amazing eclectic mix of fresh and healthy comfort foods to the table every day, twice a day in a way that has earned him the adoration of the clients and respect of the staff.